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2021 CAMIC Convention

Our 2021 Virtual CAMIC Conference was a real success.

We had three themes:

  • Mutuality – the core of who we are
  • Open Banking – our greatest lobbying issue
  • COVID-19 – legal and medical challenges

Our thanks to our many colleagues from around the world and Canada who participated in the event:

From the UK:      Jo Lumani; Martin Shaw, Julian Wells

From France:      Fanny De Baere, Cornélia Federkeil, Arnaud Lacan

From the US:      Neil Alldredge, Sarah Schnettler

From Canada:    Lynnea Adrian; ; David Akin; Dr. David Fisman;  Roobi Alam, Jennifer Baziuk, Puneet Chattree; Dr. Janet Patterson ,Sabatina Vassalli

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