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Mutual Fire Insurance’s Community Support Cause

As you all know, the farmers of British Columbia suffered unprecedented losses from the 2021 November flood event. CAMIC’s member, Mutual Fire Insurance has many of its members who live and farm in the Sumas Prairie.
Mutual Fire Insurance has suffered its largest single event loss in the history of the company and is currently working to get its farm clients operational again. Losses would have been significantly higher except that much of the losses are uninsurable in that they are located in a reclaimed lake bed known as Sumas prairie.  Because of this situation, Mutual Fire Insurance is planning on giving its largest member refund in the company’s history. In addition, Mutual Fire Insurance is giving its largest donation in the history of the company in the amount of $400,000 to the Abbotsford Community Relief Fund.  The Bay of Quite Mutual in Ontario and CAMIC are supporting this initiative as well.

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