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Title:      CAMIC/OMIA Fraud Webinar

Date:     September 18

Time:     13-14h30 Eastern

Cost:      $65 + HST

Seminar Title:  Safe digital transformation – Leveraging analytics to prevent, detect and investigate insurance fraud

Seminar Summary

Fraud is a known challenge for the P&C insurance industry. In fact, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, at least 15% of every dollar paid in premiums is used to cover fraudulent insurance claims. Add to this various factors including fraudsters’ increasing sophistication, evolving customer expectations, and emerging regulatory requirements makes for an understandably challenging marker. Through all this, insurers need to consider strategies to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, all while protecting honest customers and delivering an optimal customer experience.

During this webinar, attendees will learn more about developing fraud trends, as well as strategies to enable a safe digital transformation through the use of fraud analytics solutions. We will discuss the benefits of adopting a proactive approach that promotes continuous improvement, typical challenges encountered along the fraud prevention journey, and how they are both related.

Insurance fraud is an issue affecting the industry as a whole, and FRISS is pleased to work with CAMIC to provide its expertise in delivering this educational seminar to raise awareness about a topic that is of concern to its’ members.


  • Impact of digital transformation
  • Fraud Trends – not on vehicle fraud as that is criminal
  • Leveraging technology to enable a safe digital transformation in UW & Claims
  • Roadmap to embedding trust automation in your operations – what has worked, the components that are important and work well, risk assessment, this is what is happening in the US, regulations in US, what is require today and what is likely to evolve, insurance fraud and policy holders
  • Questions


FRISS is 100% focused on automating trust throughout the policy, claim lifecycle for P&C insurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered, real-time solutions for Underwriting, Claims and Special Investigation Units help insurers globally prevent, detect and investigate insurance fraud, thereby enabling a safe digital transformation and improved customer experience. For more information, please visit





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